The process of painting is based on “cutting out” of the matter the reflections of emotions, psychological and spiritual states, which tend to be capricious and unwilling to visualise. 

        The ideas which come up during the act of creation are then materialised in the proper style. In case of the expressive method of painting that are “ejaculatory prayers” which are the result of a single, quick effort. Since the brushstroke is intensive and unique there is hardly any possibility to calculate its artistic results and that is why painting requires a lot of self-awareness and concentration.      

        The right painting technique guarantees quick and dynamic work and, in this way, enables me to reach the physical and temporal unity necessary to convey the intended message which materialises on the canvas together with the paint. One of the characteristic features of this technique is that it relies on pure chance which enriches the whole action and adds a whiff of adventure and risk to it.  

        The tension caused by the resistance of the unruly painting matter releases the inner expression which first becomes a side effect of painting, and then dominates the picture in the form of special traces of spontaneous movement captured on the canvas, unique brushstrokes and texture. 

         The world of inner experiences, psychological accumulations and relations we become aware of is sublimated through art in the form of emotional discharges which happen while painting. The inner existential and spiritual problems, which we have been unaware of until now, are now released in the symbolic way, which is physical and real at the same time.  

Painting becomes the process of self-purification and self-reflection is postponed until the picture is completed.

“Approaching the white minimalistically organized surface on the stretcher I begin to paint the picture with breaking the ideal silence. The first strokes destroy the “primeval” balance and provoke other movements which support the falling structure while sudden flashes of inspiration control the chaos of brush strokes crowding in the picture. The process of alternate enriching and reducing the texture, resembling an attack of paroxysmal breathlessness, accelerates, and then, ceases unexpectedly when the form has thickened properly”.


The text written by the artist and published in the catalogue printed on the occasion of Malarstwo w Galerii TEST exhibition (January 2007).
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