Painting is not only struggling for the composition and shape of the picture. It is also struggling for expressing myself in the right way, expressing my ego.

        It means that we are ready to discover the truth about ourselves, on the conscious level, as well as explore more thoroughly what we can sense rather than see.       

        The multilayered morphology of the picture enables us to see the hidden by looking at the visible.

        The truth about ourselves gives us a chance to look at the picture of ourselves as well as at our conception of space from the right angle.

        In reality discovering the truth about ourselves takes place while painting the picture. The strength and accuracy of the first gestures determines future efforts and is the foundation and outline of the composition.

        Then, forms emerge from the chaos of signs and texture to disappear after a while or be transformed once again. The pulsing of forms which come into existence and breathe while painting them quickly gives no time for premature reflection. Everything may happen before the form hardens and stops “breathing”. The artist’s personality can emanate through it and its almost biological evolution. 

For a short while the artist’s spirit merges completely with his work. The physical aspect of the picture and his body are unimportant. The matter resists while being used to express the artist’s soul that is why it must be controlled. 

        During these exceptional moments the artist is out of touch with reality, he concentrates completely on his invisible bond with the essence of the picture, which exists until the composition is completed.

        Completing the painting enables the artist to get rid of the burden of emotions materialised in the picture. It is time for consideration and looking into the symbolic reflection of his ego.  

        All we do, because of its aim and intention, bears a metaphysical resemblance to us. So, the syncretic interpretation of a work of art becomes a visualisation and reflection of our own identity.

        It is because of the versatility of artistic expression, the uniqueness and unlimited freedom of artistic language, which cannot be replaced by anything. 

        As it is impossible to recognise our handwriting by reading a piece of typed text, artistic techniques, as means of expressing ourselves and discovering the truth about us, cannot be replaced. 
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