In the last few years Mikołaj Bieluga has restricted the range of colours of his pictures. Most of them are in modest, limited, black and white shades. He must be bored with the colour he used in the previous period, although the reason for this is to restrain the viewer from being distracted as well, to draw his attention to some more important problems in his painting – that is contemplation, enhanced by the range of colours.

We can hazard a guess that this is abstract painting, although after contemplating it for a long time we can see remains of some motifs from the real world. A portrait, a strange landscape view resembling a satellite photograph, or, if we can put it in this way, a realistic view of an artist at work revealing some secrets of his artistic profession seen through a microscope. This painting concentrates on showing pictures being painted. We can guess from the picture what emotions, plot twists, illumination and discouragement are involved in it. Bieluga has mastered his artistic technique. He paints concentrated and dispersed patches and forms, light and dark shades, quickly and impetuously. He marvellously organises the surface with his firm gesture.

There is some antinomy in his perfect technique and the compositions he creates. It is only when we look at his pictures for the second time did we discover the anarchic world emerging from the odium of mediocrity and nonchalance. By experiencing nothingness we are close to the nihilistic world of chaos and it is only the instinct of self-preservation, together with the discreet organisation of the canvas, that restrain us from falling down a chasm. By rejecting the dark aura of Mikołaj Bieluga’s painting we can concentrate on the composition and return to the predictable and organised world. The world which belongs to the same artist.
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